SwampSec Security Meetup
Gainesville, FL

SwampSec meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at The Back Yard Bar
between Boca Fiesta and the Palomino Pool Hall in Downtown Gainesville.
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What are CitySec meetups?
CitySec meetups are gatherings of information security professionals. Are you an
information security professional? You are if you (ever) write firewall rules,
read log files, apply patches, follow Bugtraq, help select products, rack and
stack security appliances, find vulnerabilities, write secure code, test other
people's code, write policies, manage people who do any of these things, assist
people who do any of these things, or just want to one day do any of these things.

CitySec meetups are like any other professional society meeting, except:
  • There's no professional society
  • There's no membership
  • There's no dues
  • There's no cover charge
  • There's no corporate sponsorshop
  • There's no vendor pitches
  • There's no requirement to RSVP
  • There's no fixed agenda
  • They're publically announced and open to all comers
The rule of thumb is, no more structure than is absolutely necessary to get people
into a room (where "room" usually means "bar"): if structure (like "name tags" or
"surveys") would even possibly prevent one person from attending the meeting, don't
use it.

If you have any questions, please contact Bryce Lay at blay_at_protonmail.com
and @w_b_lay or John H Sawyer at johnhsawyer_at_gmail.com and @johnhsawyer.